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Pleasant Valley Baptist Church

Worship Center

Worship Center Projection Systems and Video Control Room

Designed and installed professional projection systems in the Worship Center. System includes Center screen (unseen) and dual Side Screens.

Christmas PlaySide ScreenSide ScreenWorship CenterWorship CenterSide ScreensChristmas PlayControl Room

Video Control Room with seamless switching, monitoring, playback and distribution devices. Full production intercom system for Studio, FOH and camera operators.

Control RoomConfidence Projection

Designed and installed Confidence Display Systems for support of the spoken Word and Worship. Backwall confidence support all stage personnel. Displays on back wall also serve as promotional tools for announcement loops as service attendees exit the Worship Center.

Journey Church

Journey Church

Project Description
Designed and installed a complete video display system including projectors, display surfaces, signal processing and routing. System includes a center screen with dual side screens and associated projectors to allow for optimum sight lines in the Worship Center.

Journey ChurchJourney Church

Designed and installed a video system infrastructure with high-quality recording solutions, including; Single M/E switching, signal management, black burst generation, waveform monitoring, scan conversion, routing and display.

Designed and installed a complete Control Room rack system to house all the signal processing and control equipment. Developed a technology plan to integrate appropriate existing equipment into a well-functioning system.

Journey Control RoomJourney Church

City Bible Church


Vancouver (Mill Plain) Campus Worship Center

Vancouver Worship CenterVancouver campus

Designed and installed new video systems for new Mill Plain campus worship facility.

Worship center seating areaVancouver campus

The system includes IMAG, video recording and playback capabilities and a robust data architecture to support the multi-site requirements of the church.

View from FOHDedication at CBC

Installed multi-site Video over IP system for bi-directional video and audio streaming between multiple campuses throughout the greater Portland area.

Worship center at CBCWorship at Vancouver campus

Control RoomVideo Switcher

Re-configured control room for greater system functionality and ease of use.

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